How to get "Business Day" in January, 2020

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I want to get the Business Day in January, 2020…
And I’m searching this question at UiPath Forum.
Anybody know this “How to get Business day” ?

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I suppose we need to consider with holidays in user’s country. So need to use calendar library like Nager.
For example, the following custom activity return next working day and we can get all the Business days for the month using it.


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You can create an excel file list all public holiday. Then read that file to get business day.

Thank, @Yoichi !

It was helpful !!

By the way, Do you know get the working day without using package?

Hi, @kiepnt !

Thanks for your Answer!!

By the way, Do you know get the working day without using Excel?

I’m in a situation that I have to calculate it…

If your public holidays isn’t changed by year then you can hard code the date in source.
Check if current date is public holidays or Saturday Or Sunday then add day(s) to current date until checking condition is wrong.

Thanks, @kiepnt !
I will do this!!

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