How to Subtract days in week

Hi Uipath Experts…
Example: If current day is Wednesday then i will select Tuesday. From Tuesday to Friday i will follow the same approach by using current date -1 and now if current day is Monday then we need to select previous Friday, Saturday and Sunday date… i am stuck here please any guide me how to get last Friday,Saturday,Sunday if today is monday??

@Rahul1122 I guess you can again follow the same approach, crrentDay-1 to get Sunday Date ,currentDay-2 to get Saturday’s date and currentDay-3 to get Friday’s Date.

Have you tried it ?

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@supermanPunch I have tried its not working…can u give me a little more brief??

@Rahul1122 is it Possible to Share your working xaml?

@supermanPunch Sorry i cant share it… Its Confidential

@Rahul1122 Ok, What happens when you perform the same Approach?

@Rahul1122 - pls have a look on below uipath component!

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@supermanPunch For the Tues,Wed,Thur,Fri the current date -1 is working… for the second scenario im able to get current Date(Mon) -3(Fri) but sometimes when working on Current Date-1.If i didnt get any records then the condition should close. What happens is it was meeting the second condition which should happen only on Monday as Current Date -3 …!!