Calendar activities packages will contain two activities, one to get holiday list from specified date range and the other one to calculate the next N days business date given a start date.
Holiday data will be stored in local since most of the client environments have the internet access restriction. It would be more reliable to retrieve the local data. The supported date ranges from year 1995 to 2034

1.Get Public Holiday Activity
Input: FromDate, ToDate, CountryCd
Output: Hoiday List (List of dictionaries each of which contains three key pair values: “YMD”,“Weekday”,“Description”)

2.Business Day Calculator
Input: CountryCd(e.g. “JP”), Start(e.g.2018-05-02), Days(e.g. 13, use negative number to indicate past day)
Output: Target(e.g.2018-05-13)

Package: UiPathTeam.Calendar.Activities
Author: @calvin.he


Can you provide an example of how this works? Thanks.


I have uploaded a example workflow using the calendar activity.
Main.xaml (8.7 KB)


Thank you very much. Where are you pulling this data from? Are you planning to add more countries?


Great Job.

Any Idea of where to get the list Holidays for UK, IRL and DE?