Data scraping from list of websites link in excel file

Hi all,

I have a sequence here that scrapes data from a single website into a UiPath output log. I’d like to add to this by, rather than just scraping 1 website, I’d like it to scrape from a list of websites that are in an excel file as links from beginning to end while inputting the scraped data back into the excel. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

A.xaml (27.7 KB)

Form D Report.xlsx (48.1 KB)


Hi @Brennan_Montoni

I need to know one thing

Do all website are similar ? Like is it a kind of some login system where each user is logging to one system ?

Yes, all similar. I attached the excel containing the links.


Put all these files in the same folder (and replace the old A.xaml), and run MainSEC.xaml

MainSEC.xaml (25.6 KB) GetCellHyperlink.txt (134 Bytes) Form D Report.xlsx (49.3 KB) A.xaml (44.7 KB)


Thank you. Can you please explain what is meant by " (and replace the old A.xaml)". This is the error I am getting:

When I run the MainSEC file it opens up the Form D excel and the SEC form in Chrome then stops.

you need to close all the tabs in chrome and close chrome before running the process

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