How to get an application on to the screen?

I have created a robot which process excel file and 2 different web based tools. When the robot working on Web based tools I want that browser to be active on screen.

How could I do it?

Did you try Attach Browser activity ?

Yes, I’m using attach browser. Activites are executing, but the browser is not visible on screen for sometime. After few activites executed, then it’s getting pop-up on screen.

Try to do some validations before executing the activity using Element Exists.For eg: browser exists, control or image exists etc

hi @cthamizh

as @vvaidya said[quote=“vvaidya, post:4, topic:2324”]
using Element Exists

Use “Element Exists” Activity to check the browser window exists or not and please make it’s selectors reliable and based on it’s output use Condirional Activities like “If-activity” and then if element will exists then use “Activate Window” activity.

let me know if you wants any further help on this.



Ok Thanks, Let me try

use “get active window” activity and drop your rest workflow in the “do” container .

by using this activity you will get current active window that can be other process window as well. that is what problem he is facing so “Activate Window” will activate or make that window to come forground from background.


Activate activity resolves my issues.

Thanks a lot to @aksh1yadav, @vvaidya and @ddpadil for your suggestions :slight_smile:


It didn’t work for me… I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

Hey @bajiomeke
What you are doing &how you are doing,what is not working for you?



Check out my solution below:

This doesn’t require you to add any checks to your code to bring the application in focus :slight_smile: