How to get all the sheet names of excel without opening excel

Want to get alll sheets names present in excel without opening excel

Hi @anishakotian400
Use get sheet activity to get all sheet names in excel

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Hope the below steps would help you resolve this

—use a excel application scope and pass the filepath as input and from that activity get the output with a variable of type Workbook named Out_workbook

—then use a assign activity like this to get the sheet names

Arr_sheetnames = out_workbook.GetSheets.ToArray()

Arr_sheetnames is a variable of type Array of string


You can try with custom activities

Cheers @anishakotian400

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Hope this may help you, considering without using excel activities,

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Using “get workbook sheets” within an Excel scope should get you all the wanted names without opening the workbook.


Excel scope actually opens it, though.

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Indeed, just noticed it opened it too fast for my eye to catch it. My bad !

Hi @anishakotian400

please use the below in assign activity

YourVariable(Type)XLWorkbook=new ClosedXml.Excel.XLWorkbook(“yourfilepath”)

It will list all the sheets without using excel application Scope!


You can actually make it Ina way not opening excel file by disabling VISIBLE property


It still opens it, just not visibly.