Want to get sheet names of excel without opening the excel

Hi @anishakotian400 ,

Please do not create duplicate of same question. I can assure you you will not get an answer any faster if you post it two times.

Your earlier question : How to get all the sheet names of excel without opening excel

As for the request of reading a file without opening. You will not find a solution to this. The closest you have to an answer is the answer from @Palaniyappan in the other post or the one suggested from @pravin_calvin.

As @postwick pointed out, all these approaches will in the background need to open the file either with visible flag as true or false. A file needs to be opened to read its content. any file on your system for that matter can only be manipulated if the user / system / program has permission to open the file.

If you mean without opening excel visually, then you can use visible flag as false.

Also if you want to ensure excel closes properly do use a kill process and pass the excel process name.