How to generate future date using email date and excel value as variable?

Hi All,

I am trying to generate a future date based on the email date and cells value in an excel file.

Cell J22 input is obtained based on the email date that has been converted to string.

Hence, now I have difficulty to apply a formula in excel to obtain the future date (Next Review Due date)

Next Review Due date = ECDD Approval Date [Cells J22] + Review Period [Cell K22]

I am thinking to assign cell K22 as a variable, so that I can compute the future date via Uipath then paste it back to the excel file.

But I have no idea how to do about it.

Please enlighten. Thanks
Book1.xlsx (20.1 KB)
Main.xaml (29.9 KB)

Hi @Juliani_Luo

I just go-through through your code.
you just need to just convert the cell value J22 in date format and use (.AddDays(cell value k22)) to add days into date and write the value in L22

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Thank you Prashant, I am trying to fix it from UiPath, but I am kind of loss, I am taking ur advice and amend or do some formatting at excel instead, and it works .

Thank you for helping :slight_smile:

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You can mark it as a solution if it is worked for you.

Thank you.

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