Creating draft emails, read Excel and output with Excel cell values

Hi All,

I am a newbie in UiPath Studio and am currently trying to achieve the objectives below:-

Read excel cell values, create a draft email and input the cell values into the Outlook draft email.

For example,
cell D5 contains the excel formula =SUM(B5:J8) → UiPath: read cell value A5 as string → output into Outlook mail draft with today’s date (yyyy:mm:dd)

I have declared the output as a variable of each read cell as string.
I have managed to use Read Cell and Use Desktop Outlook to create the end result draft mail but I do not know how to call the string and input the value into the draft mail.


Now you just need to add the required variables as well example like below

"D5: " + Minus + vblf + vblf

You can as well use IsBodyHtml and use

"D5: " + Minus + "<br><br>"


Hi @Anil_G ,

I have added the Minus, Plus etc…

But the result of the draft email did not output the values.


Are the minus and plus variables you added there? And can you run in debug and keep a break point on send …and check the locals panel if those variables have the correct data


Hi @Anil_G , i see, after adding a breaking point at one of the Read Cell function, i found out the value is null.


How do you call the value to insert into an Outlook email after reading the excel cell? The formula is already calculated inside the excel sheet.


In read cel id you use the output variable?

If its there then you will see a value…please check read cell