How to generate a random string

I have imported the random string generator file as a workflow in my process however the scope of the variable is only within the workflow and I am unable to change it to use in another workflow.

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Want to use the random string as a first name and likewise for other textboxes as well.

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In that StringGenerator xaml create ARGUMENTS instead of variables like create arguments named out_stringbuilder and out_constSTR with argument direction as OUT
—once after creating those two arguments
Coming back to our CreateContact xaml - create two variables named stringbuilder and constSTR
—and while using invoke workflow file activity click on the IMPORT ARGUMENTS and we could see two arguments like out_stringbuilder and out_consSTR where in the value mention the variables that we created here like stringbuilder and consSTR so the value of those two arguments will get assigned to these variables now
—now we can use these variable anywhere in the current xaml sequence like TYPE INTO Activity or anywhere we want, as it holds the value of the arguments from StringGenerator xaml

Hope this would help you
Cheers @nupur_adlakha

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