How to use the activity get outlook mail to get mail with attachments and then send them with the activity send outlook mail



Hello, I have an email account that receives many emails with attachments (2 files each with e-mail). What I need is just read the inbox and forward them to four other people. NOTE: this is only required because the company’s security policy prohibits creating a rule that automatically does this in Outlook


The difficulties are only in sending these emails with attachment. The messages are sent correctly, however without the attachments


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Is it only one ? you can use assing activity

and then on the send outlook activity you can click on attach files as shown in #1 and then #2 insert argument and #3 type the variable or the path where your file is located.


In fact these attachments are not in the workspace, they are in the emails that I need to send, they are about 400 a day,

1- Open each email and forward with the attachments to other people, but using the activities get / send outlook mail (each email contains 2 files)

Is it possible without downloading attachments?


May be @ddpadil has something for u :slight_smile:


You could use forward option in the Send Outlook Mail Message

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Thanks ddpadil, but I still have problem with the activity, it’s returns me an error…

“message”: “Send Outlook Mail Message : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”,
“level”: “Error”,
“timeStamp”: “09:13:27”,
“fileName”: “Get_Send_outlook_mail”,
“jobId”: “3ead9284-547c-42f6-88c9-3d0205e44090”

if I disable this option, it’s works
But the email goes without attachment


it’s working fine for me.
Could you please attach workflow.


Get_Send_outlook_mail.xaml (7.2 KB)

It was supposed to be extremely simple, I just need to send the emails with the appropriate attachments … my problem is identical to this one,

but I have not been able to use this workflow


UiPath Version?

Please update UiPath.Mail.Activity" Package from package manager.


i done getting mail messages with IMAP but now i want to get mails from particularly 1 mail only… we can put if condition… but i don’t know how we can give ,bez there is no… can u plz say this.


can we get any status if email was sent sucessfully or not.

I am sending huge file but it keeps these mails outbox of outlook and when i start outlook manually all emails start sending out.

So in process i want to check if email was send or its in outbox and not to close outlook till it sends the email