How to focus on each children element in order to perform action on it?

My case: I get all items from the webpage using Find Children Element. For each item(children) I need to perform scraping.
So, the problem is that if there are 200 items(children) one of them will be lost after some time - error: the UI element you are trying to highlight is valid, but not visible. I tried using Send Hotkey activity (3 times down button) in order not to lose item, but that doesn’t work as well. My goal is to focus on each item(children).

How could I achieve that?
Thanks in advance!

@bp777 - can you try to do a debug the process → it will help you to find the element which is causing the error.
or log the uielement selector during the error to verify the element.

Every 7th, 15th, etc. element is causing problem on the first webpage, but on the another webpage, 5th element will cause error. There is no particular logic and order which element is causing errors :confused:

@bp777 -ok… it could be a page slow response/element load related issue.

  • pls update focus activity WaitForReady as Complete
  • pls add On Element Appear or Element Exists activity before performing your action.
    **pass childelement variable as target elements for these activities.