Loosing child element in Find children loop


I have this situation: a web browser window with a dynamic table. I have to click on each row and navigate to another window (same browser). Grabbing data from this, doing some stuff and at the end returning to the first window.
Everything works fine for the first record, but when I have to continue with the second one I’m getting the error “The UiElement is no longer valid” relative to child.
Any ideas?


could you post some webpage examples?


Hi Cosin
In the page below I have to click on each link on the first column

From the second page I have to grab some data and prepare an insert operation. The page can contain from 1 to n rows

After click on “Indietro” button I will go back to the first page and start the same operation for the second link. And so on.

When the robot is trying to identify the second link to click, it fails with “UI element not longer valid”

Both pages are in the same browser window and they have the same selector



Try using 2 click actions for the 2 pages (on the first and then second page), instead of a single click action in a loop.

if it works, it’s a selector issue and you can post the 2 selectors for further help.


Hi Cosin
The test that you suggested works without error. So it’s a selector issue. I try to attach the workflows. test.xaml is the main workflow.
GetFileDetails.xaml (31.1 KB)
test.xaml (22.5 KB)