How to Fix Unknown Software Exception (0xe0434352)

Hello all,

I have completed my project few days ago . Project has been running successfully. But today I have face one exception error which is Unknown Software Exception (0xe0434352) please check the screenshot.

there is one more error which is Unknown Software Exception (0xc06d007e)
would you please suggest me why I am getting this error. Is it any uipath related issues or need to check something else.

Please provide me some suggestion.

Thanks in advance.


Yes this is Uipath related error, already few post are there in forum

Can you check that you have enough resources on VM/System to run the application? Also you can raise this concern to UiPath Technical team if you hold enterprise license

Hope this may help you


Hi @roysupriya21 ,

This issue raised because of two things.

  1. You need to update your studio to the latest version (Ver. 2021.4.4)
  2. Suppose, if you are using any excel activities, try to update your excel package to the latest version.

After, performing both the things, restart your system and check it out.


Hi @roysupriya21

  1. Uipath Orchestrator service restart from windows services.
  2. Some files from UiPath Studio are Corrupted, please reinstall the studio.

Amar S. Yelane