How to fix this error message ("File Activity Stats")

When i am Analyzing my project i am getting this message in Error list Window ("File Activities Stats ") can anybody help me understand what’s causing this issue?


Can you please provide more details on what activity or what xaml its happening and what is the full error message…Looks like a rule issue not error


Hi @Shadab_Baid,

Its not error in the workfow. Your code is not following certain coding standard, so it is showing error.

You can check and modify the setting in workflow analyser setting.

Hope it helps.


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Right, could you please tell me what coding standard should i follow to get rid of this message, it looks like we’re only allowed to use limited activities per workflow, i am not sure how to fix it

Hi the Full message is this

"ST-ANA-009 - File Activities Stats
Rule ID: ST-ANA-009
Scope: Activity

This counter gathers stats on used activities per workflow, including the number of activities per each file and branching activities."

what should i do to fix this,

It seems like you have used more activities in one workflow than the cuttoff.

For more info:


As @Harshith_Adyanthaya mentioned this rules checks for the number of activities…if its an organization rule to have workflow analyzer on then you have to abide by the rules and may be break the xaml into smaller pieces…else we can turn off the workflow analyzer rule and can publish it


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That’s the issue exactly I am not able to figure out how many activities should we use in a workflow as per the Rule, could you please help me find out how many activities we need to use per workflow to abide by this “Rule” ?

I think its not mentioned. I would suggest you not to concentrate more on that as it’s a default rule and usually organizations make changes to that based on their coding standards.


You can go to this location and check the rules and see if there are any specific parameters that are used


Generally more than 3 if conditions one inside another is not recommended see if you have any such and change them


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