Create Document Validation: Cannot access a closed stream

Hello Team UiPath,

I am running into this error called " An unexpected error occured" when large number of files are processed. This is a document understanding process, I had processed nearly 50 PDFs for testing purpose, but it is throwing this error. works fine with 5 files.
Error screenshot:

And I thought it is happening because of delay or lag in VM , so I placed delay of 3 seconds and it throws this error:

Please help!

There are limits on how any pages you can process in Community Edition.

Please make sure you are not exceeding licensing limits.

I think free edition allows up to 4 pages. But you can look up latest figures.

Thanks for your response @AndyMenon , but this one is having enterprise license. We’ve figured out what was causing the issue, when too many activities are placed in one single .Xaml file and when there are nested Paralell loop system fails to manage the load as there are many services which exceeds available threads / CPUs / RAM and only solution right now is Invoking such CPU intensive activities (sequence) as separate workflow and enable Isolations so it runs of separate environment.

it is newly reported bug, UiPath is working on it to resolve that.

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