How to fix this error for Object reference not set to an instance of object in Set Transaction Status activity in workflow

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Can you help me to fix this following error pic. I have passed arguments for TransactionQueueItem variable to “SetTransactionStatus” workflow in RE-Framework . Bot has passed the condition for " If JobQueueTransactionItem isNot Nothing AndAlso (JobQueueTransactionItem.GetType is GetType(Uipath.Core.QueueItem)) and I tried to print the Name for JobQueue in writeline " “SetTransaction status : " +JobQueueTransactionItem.SpecificContent(“PracticeCode”).ToString”, its given correct name. I couldn’t find the root cause of the error. can anybody help me to resolve the error.


Please show the propertis for set transaction status activity

Please check the Properties for SetTransactionStatus

are you adding any output collection?

Yes i added Output collection.

Assign all these variable’s default value as empty and then check

@divya.paul Please make sure variable “JobQueueTransactionItem” is not null. This error usually happens if the variable holds a null value or if the variable is not initialised properly.

Yes i check the condition for if JobQueueTransactionItem isNot Nothing AndAlso (JobQueueTransactionItem.GetType is GetType(Uipath.Core.QueueItem)) and its pass this true then i got Object reference error…

For past two days only i m having this issue before that it was wroking fine.
Please see the JobQueue Transaction details

assign default value as empty in the variables panel itself so that even if the variable value is null…it wont throw object reference error. Try this

in the invoke workflow any Argument got missed? Plz check that also. Can you try executing in debug and check it once the flow.

Also any recent updates happened in the UiPath?

Yes its automatically updated

I have check in Debug mode, please see the error

Ah I had this after an update. In the proces transaction it ‘loses’ the item in Finally. I fixed it by moving the invoke the Set transaction status around

Thanks for the suggestion, its working fine…Is this way do i pass empty value?

String.Empty will be fine

Will it work in unattended mode as well?

yes…it will

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