How to fix this error; Expression must be writeable. Parameter name: left

This condition for a flow decision has the following error:

Condition: Double.TryParse(CashIn, dbl_CashIn) And Double.TryParse(OnUsCheck, dbl_OnUsCheck) And Double.TryParse(NotOnUsCheck, dbl_NotOnUsCheck)

Error: Expression must be writeable. Parameter name: left

How to fix it?

Can you upload the workflow? I think that’d help verify the below as well as help pinpoint where the error is coming from

First thing is make sure the variable types are correct. You want CashIn, OnUsCheck, and NotOnUsCheck to be of type string, and the dbl_ ones to be of type double.

If the variable types are correct, then your if statement should be working. There may be some typos, assuming you didn’t copy+paste?

Hi Dave, thank you for replying! The variable types are correct and I’ve uploaded the workflow for you. The condition is for the flow decision Input Data. Please advise

Process.xaml (24.0 KB)

The variable value was the culprit :slight_smile:

You currently have it as type DocumentFormat.OpenXML.DoubleValue

You should change it to be type System.Double


Yes you’re right :slight_smile:

I thought I used the correct Double variable type when the error messages about disallowing implicit conversions from ‘String’ to ‘Double’ disappeared hahaha… This error message wasn’t that helpful afterall! It sounds like a syntax error… Thanks a lot anyway!

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