How to fix Object reference error in Digitize document

Hi all

I have used Digitize activity in document understanding but i got following error

Can anyone help me to fix that error?

Hi @divya.17290

Can you try using any other ocr and check if you still see the error


can you upload your project as .zip file here

Please see the attachment!
Main.xaml (8.5 KB)
TEMP.pdf (115.9 KB)
project.json (1.7 KB)
taxonomy.json (4.2 KB)

its working fine for me

can you check your DU activities are updated?
here are mine

I will check and let you know

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Still i got same error and please see my dependencies

what are the properties in omnipage OCR activity? for me its blank

and can you also download this package

Yes i did but i got same error

Can you share your code, i will check in my side?

Mainfff.xaml (8.0 KB)