How to fix Error Code: Out of Memory ['Aw, Snap!' page crashes Chrome/Edge]

Hi there,

I’m doing data scraping from a website with 18,000 records that has endless scrolling, and I’m using following steps/logic to extract data which works fine.

  1. Assign ExtractedRecords_Previous = 0
  2. Send Hot Key [End] **** This is to scroll down to the end
  3. Extract/Data scrap and count ExtractedRecords_Current
  4. if ( ExtractedRecords_Previous = ExtractedRecords_Current ) *** Stops Scrapping

But when scrolling down for long and extract approx. 10K to 11K Chrome TAB crashes with Error Code: Out Of Memory . From researching looks like it’s because of UiPath Browser Extension consuming memory.

If I close/refresh it opens but I have to start data scrapping all over again. Is there a way of detecting before it happens and handle it Or permanent solution for this?

Please I need help.
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I have used a script on the browser console just to isolate UiPath Extension and same error came back. Therefore it is not caused by UiPath Extension.

// Declare some constants

// Utility functions
const sleep = (time) => new Promise((resolve) => setTimeout(resolve, time));
const randomNumber = (minimum, maximum) => Math.floor(Math.random() * maximum) + minimum;
const randomSleep = () => sleep(randomNumber(MINIMUM_SLEEPING_TIME_IN_MS, MAXIMUM_SLEEPING_TIME_IN_MS));

// How to get at the bottom of an infinity scroll
let currentScrollHeight = 0;
let manualStop = false;
let numberOfScrolls = 0;
let numberOfTrials = 0;

while (numberOfTrials < MAXIMUM_NUMBER_OF_TRIALS && !manualStop) {
  // Keep the current scroll height
  currentScrollHeight = document.body.scrollHeight;

  // Scroll at the bottom of the page
  window.scrollTo(0, currentScrollHeight);

  // Wait some seconds to load more results
  await randomSleep();

  // If the height hasn't changed, there may be no more results to load
  if (currentScrollHeight === document.body.scrollHeight) {
    // Try another time

      `Is it already the end of the infinite scroll? ${MAXIMUM_NUMBER_OF_TRIALS - numberOfTrials} trials left.`,
  } else {
    // Restart the number of consecutive trials
    numberOfTrials = 0;

    // Increment the number of successful scroll

    console.log(`The scroll #${numberOfScrolls} was successful!`);

console.log('We should be at the bottom of the infinity scroll! Congratulation!');
console.log(`${numberOfScrolls} scrolls were needed to load all results!`);

I wish could be a way of detecting this and handle it before it happens.

If you manually scroll the page without using UiPath at all, does Chrome still crash?

If I scroll manually it does not crush, but I have not managed to scroll down up to 18,000 records though. I did 6,000 records.

UPDATES: I tried up to 11,000 it crashed.

At the top right, click More More tools. Clear browsing data.
Next to “Time range,” select All time.
Select Cached images and files and Cookies and other site data. Deselect the other types of data.
Click Clear data.
Try reloading the tab with the error.


Hi @willjoe2442 . I have done that previously but when running the process, it starts from beginning and at some points comes back to out of memory. is there a way to prevent it permanently?

Can the table on the page be filtered at all? Can you provide a screenshot of the page?

You can try this one for Facebook as a use case:

I found a work around, tested using: and worked.

Apparently when scrolling down, data is kept in the memory and if it reaches the limit, it throws Error Code: Out of Memory. So this is what I did:-

  1. I Stripped/Trimmed out all unnecessary data, especially images by editing HTML & CSS through Dev Console
  2. I used the infinity scrolling script on Dev Console
  3. I used UiPath to extract data every 30mins, compare current extract vs previous extract if they are equal after 3 tries then stop.

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