Chrome not enough memory to open this page

I have an attended robot which would run around 6 hours to complete the tasks. During execution inconsistently facing an issue “not enough memory to open this page” in chrome.

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This simply means that your machine is running out of Available RAM to run the automation. Either you’re not closing the Chrome application or something else is occupying the RAM, something to consider. Thanks

hI @Vivekkumar,

As @Jatin_Nandwani said, your machine has no more RAM capacity and cannot run all the applications you have open. Try closing any applications that aren’t used in your process when you are running it.

@Jatin_Nandwani, @william.coulson, Thank you for the response.

This is a dedicated machine to execute the bots. I have only 2 applications running, orchestrator and chrome at the time I faced this exception.


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Better place a Kill process (Chrome.exe)before opening the browser

Also check other background running applications, Check the usage of the RAM from Task Manager

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Is there any official recommendation from UiPath on the Max time a browser can be used continuously ?

Hi @Vivekkumar,

There is not, but I personally reset my browsers after 50 transactions, and if I’m using a VPN, that is reset every 500 transactions.