How to find the stop code emp when a text is found?

Hello Everyone,

I have a question when run robot find the stop code emp. when a text is found ?

Code activity search code emp I set i1 < 200 to search row code emp
but I want to search code and stop when a text is found =" Check By Sercurity"

Example File Excel
Book1.xlsx (74.8 KB)

Thank you every one for help me.


Can you try to get row index of “Check By Security” using LookupDataTable activity as the following, the use the value instead of i1<200?


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Hi , i dont reallt get what u mean,
but the main thing is you want to stop the process if robot find particular value on the table right?,

then you can use for each tor ead each row of datable,
then inside for each activity use" if activity"

’ use a condition if row(“columname”) = “value you want to find”’
'you can stop it using"Message box activity"/“STOP activity”,
“dont put anything on else”

Regards Ahmad

yeah correct

thank you

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