Formula to indicate if a specified text apears in a sheet just like how ctrl f in excel does

Hi, I am wondering is there a formula or activity that allows me to find a specified word in a excel workbook like performing ctrl f?

greatly appreciate your help!

You could read the excel file as dt, output the dt to string variable then use IF statement to see if specific word is in the string. Something like If dtOutputText.indexof(“specific word”) >= 0

if there is a match, i would like the robot to return the serial number for the matched row, is it still possible after i convert dt into string?

if you need to check each row then read the workbook into a dt then use a for each row to check each row and return the value from the row.

I tried to use the formula but i idid not get the desired results. attached is my workflow and sample excel. would really appreciate if you can help me out thank|attachment (32.0 KB)