How to find repeated elements in a column in excel

I have an excel sheet. Some of the items in the 1st column are repeating in nature. How can I find it??.I am attaching the excelexcel3.xlsx (9.4 KB)
sheet here

Hi @arghade.
What will happen here is once you found a duplicate of an item, you will add the quantity and price. Right? :slight_smile:

Hi @Jan_Brian_Despi yes man. Thanks for understanding the actual problem. Can you help me with this

I think I already finished this one in your last post. Is it not working on your side?

Hi @Jan_Brian_Despi. It is working but in that workflow you have already know what is the common item in the excel sheet that is FAN. what if we don’t know what is the common item.In that case I am asking the question.

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@Jan_Brian_Despi Do you know the solution??

I already have a solution in my mind.
Trying to convert it to a workflow :slight_smile:

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Do you want all unique item from column?

Solution is here then,
Get Unique Values.xaml (5.4 KB)

Or something else?

@rahatadi I want to find the duplicate items in an column. After getting it I want to add the price and quantity of duplicate items in a unique row.