How to compare row1 to row2 and row 2 to row3 in same excel sheet

I have Excel file with same format and headers and I wanted to compare row by row in duplicate data. and also have duplicate data row numbers on calculating the other excel column.



After comparing can you please tell what you want to do?

Like how input looks and output


After comparing found duplicate values and I need to duplicate values adding (+) comes with column C . ex: 30+10 =40 (duplicate chart number 115)

Hello @nkaushalya ,
Correct me if I’m wrong,
If the Column 1(ie, Chart number) values are duplicate, then you want to add the Amount and display the Final Amount after adding in column 3(ie, Fixed Amount), Am I right?

Yes, you’re correct.

Hello @nkaushalya ,
You can use Multiple For each loop to iterate through each row elements and check and add the Value, I have attached the Xaml File Below:
Main.xaml (15.4 KB)
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I Hope this Helps.

Thank You for your support.

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Happy Automation;)
Akshay B

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