How to find in which column the particular value found

I have excel sheet, in that around 8 tables are there which are unstructured. I need to find in which column the particular value(“Total”) found. please help me

Hi @reshmaprabh
Do you need to know where the column named total is present?

it is not the column name. just a value present in somewhere of excel sheet. i need to find in which column it is present

Use "lookup range " activity .
It will locate you to the cell where the value Is present.


First check column Test exists or not - by using


after that use below to get the column index.


@reshmaprabh, Is it possible for you to attach sample excel file? It will help us to give optimal solution.

yes i got the cell address where it present eg: BA3. but i need the column index of that eg: 51. how can i convert that column letter to number