How to find error indication without having to go into manual click-into-death within Studio to find it?

Using the REF format for a workflow and the main.xaml in Studio is indicating an error. Problem is where is it ?

If Studio needs new ideas, how about that blue-you-have-a-problem icon will automagically take you to the first indicated error ?

Or, it takes you to a popup window showing you all the errors with referential navigation links to each position of each error ?

The REF format, while great for processing and exception handling, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack when trying to find where the error is. Especially with the number of Try/Catches it uses by default.

I’ll have to chalk this up to Studio Beta path. Still happens from time to time but the error shows up for no reason and then goes away for no reason. I say no reason as at times no changes have happened to make it need to go away.

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