How to find a specific value in a excel table

Hi everyone
I searched in the forum and couldn’t find any help
I have a table in excel and a row of headings.
I want to find the specific location of a heading “date” but I also have a column named “Date Of Insurance”
I tried to use the “lookup range” but it gave me the other value (date of insurance) because it was earlier in the search - the “date of insurance” is in column D and “Date” is in column X, and I want the one in column X

thank u all for the help

If u want to Get to know abt Columns names cell reference
Then try this
Read Range --DT
MESSAGE BOX. Convert.ToChar(65+DT.columns.IndexOf(“Date”))


and what will it give me? the column index?

It will give you coulmn name say X

i just did what u wrote and it worked
so I just insert this MessageBox into an assign activity?
can u explain how can I fix the “Lookup range” that I have, that it will give me “Date” and not “Date of insurance”?
for the future… :slight_smile:

Actually Lookup Range is search for Approximate match only.

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