Trying to find a column name

Hi everyone
I’m trying to find a column location by its name
For example, I want to find the index of the column by the name “Name”.
there is a lookup activity, but I learned that it’s not that accurate…
I tried “Convert.ToChar(65+DT.columns.IndexOf(“Date”))” and for some reason it gave me ‘@’.
thank you all for the help

Hello and good morning,

If you are trying to find the index of a column by using its name, this forum post may help you

Well, IndexOf returns -1 is because “Date” was not found among the column names.

The -1 I get (this is normally what happens)
but why the ‘@’??? and how do I fix this?

@dlichtenstadt Are you using this to get the Range name ? Like “A” or “B”

You get @ Symbol when the DT.columns.IndexOf(“Date”) is -1

it didn’t helped me this post

Ohh so instead of getting ‘-1’ I’m getting ‘@’ (good to know)
BUT the column name that I’m searching for is exist and it still gives me this problem…

@dlichtenstadt We would have to see the Excel Data for that :sweat_smile: and make sure that you have used Add Headers in Read Range when you’re reading the Excel File

Yeah I’m searching for the index because later on, I need to write to this column and I’m using the activity “write cell” with index and counter (or the row from a ‘for each row’ I have at the beginning)

@dlichtenstadt Have you tried to Check with a different Column Name if you’re able to get it’s Range Name ?

I changed the reading range - from 2 rows to the whole DT and it worked
don’t know why it mattered because I told him to read with headers and to read 2 rows, so it’s supposed to be working well.
after I took down the range and gave it the full DT it worked (Convert.ToChar(65+DT.columns.IndexOf(“columnNmae”)))

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I want to ask another Question
I need to write into a cell a data that I got from the process.
I’m using “write cell” inside an “excel scope”, but my problem is that I want to write in the correct row (all this is inside a “for each row”) so I have my Index (A, B, C) and now I want to add the row so it will write the correct value in the correct row (each row have different values)
thank u all again

@ is the result of Convert.ToChar(65 - 1): you’re adding -1 (the not found index) to 65