How to find a specific string in a dataTable with query

I have a large excel and i need to find a specific row which relates the date i give. In that picture you see the cell value as a date format dd.MM.yyyy


So i need to find exact row. Could you help me to write the query.

By the way there are repetition of that table. So i only need the first columns.

I have used this but didn’t work.

dtTemp.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(r) r.ItemArray.Take(5).ToList().Exists(Function(t) t.ToString.Equals(in_date))).FirstOrDefault()



Check below for your reference

Reference - 1

Reference - 2

Hope this may help you


Unfortunately it can’t work for me because i have multiple tables with same Headers. That’s why i need to find specific row


Can you check with Read Range activity to output to Datatable and use Output datatable and use message box / log message to preview the headers and Data how it is show

As the data is date, so is it shown as full date or short date

Also as you mentioned you have duplicate headers, so check that also

if possible share the screenshot of the message box


the excel is too complicated. If you are available we can meet and i can show you


As we discussed, the date format is in dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss, try to match that format

Hope this may help you


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