How to filter Excel Sheet based on cell values which are coloured

Hi All,

I want to filter Excel column where cell values are highlighted in yellow or green . I want to filter all the cell values which are highlighted in yellow and copy into another sheet. How can I achieve this?

Hi @dutta.marina you can use get cell color activity to find out whether the cell is colored or not

Hi @dutta.marina ,
Read the Excel sheet using the “Read Range” activity.
Iterate through each row of the DataTable using a “For Each Row” activity.
Within the loop, use the “Get Cell Color” activity to get the color of the desired cell.
Add an If condition to check if the retrieved color matches the desired color. You can use the
“OutputColor” variable in the condition.

Hope it helps!!

provide expected output

either screen shot or sample file how you want segregate the colored cells



My output should be something like this . Only Yellow cell colours should be extracted.

Hi @dutta.marina ,

Could you let us know if you want to filter based on the color of the cells or is it just those particular Column values i.e based on the Columns that you would require in the Output ?

i don’t think this possible for multiple records as per your requirement

we cannot expect for every record the same fields will be different/marked yellow

and that to their is no key (like you have quote no) field that it differentiate one record to other

i can think of two ways

  1. keeping all columns field populating key field (ex Quote number ), yellow colored fields and leaving blank of green colored ones

  2. creating three columns like
    Quote No - ColumnName - Value

You can just think of any other solution if possible and efficient


Hi Arpan,

I want to filter based on the colour of the cells not on any particular columns. Whichever column is marked yellow i need to just filter those columns.