Excel Filtering Column by Color and write Sum of filtered data

I wanted to filter excel cell by it’s color (Yellow) and based on Yellow color I wanted to write sum of filtered data.
Please help to solve below assignment.
Attaching excel sheet and assignment,

Installer(.exe or .msi):Ali Yousef Abd-Alrahman Al-Roomi.xls (61.5 KB)

Assignment : Tutorial1.pdf (933.4 KB)

Hi @Shubhankar_Gadekar

Check this

yourdatatablename = yourdatatablename.Select(“[Date] like ‘%Yellow%’”).CopyToDatatable()

Ashwin S

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Hi @Shubhankar_Gadekar

Not sure whether there is a direct way to filter by color. But you can use the below approach as well.

You can use this activity to find the color of the cell. You can use it within a loop that runs for the range you specify. Based on the color add another column in the excel as a flag that represents the yellow color.

Then read the entire excel using read range and filter the records based on the color flag we just added

Let know whether it helps…


hi @AshwinS2
if we want to copy row which is in specific color then how we can use ?