Process only green highlighted data

Hi All, I need to filter only green highlighted rows and process those items. How to do so. When I read range the excel I cant read it’s cell colour right. I also don’t think that I can use filter data table. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Hi @Archana_N_L

There is no activity to filter rows by color in uipath
Alternate way is to invoke c# or or vba

some useful link for vba code which can be invoke for filtering cell by color

Hope it helps you

Nived N

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Use read range,
Then loop through each row using for each row
get cell color
Use if condition to check green then add that to a different DT

Hi Nived thank you I’ll check it out.

Could you please tell me the condition what you will give to check the Color green

In the way @sandhya_koilada told
U need to first use get color activitiy in excelactivities to the get the color of cell

Then use if Condition to predict whether the color is green or any other color using if Condition

Hope the idea helps you


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Use get cell color activity with the green cell and store that in a variable with system.drawing data type
and then use that variable to check other row colors match with that color in if activity

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OK dear will try and check. Thank you so much

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