How to filter data from excel?

I have one excel contains 3 columns, am using filter data table to filter the data, the 2nd and 3rd column should match and output as the 1st column data. but value is matching in the 2nd and 3rd column (manually i have checked) but the data is not coming by using filter data table.
Can any one please help me.

Hi @vanithavs

Can you share the sample input and Output


Can you please check the column header contains space?

Hello @vanithavs

Your actual requirement is not very clear. It would be better if you can share some screenshots or the excel file for better understanding.

Also the output required as well.


Please verify the Check condition and use Trim at the start and end.

I have used trim start and trim end, for some scenario the value is coming and for some scenario the value is not coming (it means empty value is coming).

Check the that condition also in the same datatable “That Column Doesn’t be Empty or null” Check this condition also in the same datatable

Hello @vanithavs ,

Have a look on the below threads.


Hello @vanithavs
Kindly check the below conditions

  1. Is there any space after the header name?
  2. Is the value you compare the date too?
  3. Chek the upper case and lower case of data you need to compare.
  4. Is the value in the integer need to check the greater or lesser condition?

Otherwise provide us with the screenshot of your conditions or share some sample input with your expected output. Its helps us to provide you a better solution for you.

Thanks for your reply,

  1. There is no space after the header.
  2. Am not comparing any date.
  3. From the input excel and conversion excel the values are in upper case.
  4. Some value is in integer (Ex: 1st column contains BX132, 2nd column contains “365” or “764DB” And 3rd column contains “DTHRSAULT FYRCON 2000LX”)

If the conversion excel cell data contains space starting and ending, how to remove that one. I have tried a lot but i didn’t find any solutions.


Kindly share your screenshot of Filter dt Conditions