How to fill specific columns from resource sheet contionaly

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Making an Robo in Uipath in middle I am facing some problem, i have two workbooks one is a resource sheet which is dynamic where number of initials can change based on availability of employees who will work as shown below for four type of requests


and now i have one excel sheet which also changed every day for new requests where i need to fill these initials

in columns I,J,K i need to fill same initial mention from resource sheet from column D(One men one request) condtional if each row contains Capacitor-Fixed or Resistor-Fixed

else i need to fill column I from Symbol(Column A),i need to fill column J from Cell(Column B), i need to fill column K from PDB(Column C) can anyone please help


it would be helpfully if you could also provide a sample excel for the expected output using the shared two excels. Currently the requirements cannot be clearly derived from desription.
Thanks for support

Data_from_DMS.xlsx (9.6 KB)
resorce.xlsx (8.5 KB)

Please fin as attached

perfect we do have the input

can you also share the output sample? Thanks

OUTPUT__SAMPLE.xlsx (9.8 KB)
as asked,

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One more thing Peter if we enter the Last initial MGL in “I” column as per number of requests so in next data fill should start round-robin from HKR not from RSH and similarly for all

currently i am working on it. As far i understood:
use code from list Symbol. When on end start again from begin.

Just give me alittle time and lets have a look on first iteration

Thanks much Peter


Excel readin

Creating List (we use it later for the Lookup)

The(you called it RoundRobin) we do implement with the modulo function

Find starter help here:
Ranvir Sangwan.xaml (18.6 KB)


Thanks, Peter you are a life saver thanks much, It worked fantastic

You are Genious

Hi Peter this solution works fine but it didn’t remember last filled initials, it should start from the next initial so load sharing could be equally distributed, I mean can we keep last filled initial as history for symbol cell and pdb and OMOR

may we ask you to reformulate the requirement with other words. Maybe you can illustrate it with some sample data / interation examples. Thanks

In above solution we have filled the data as per requests available in assign queue this is fine but in assign queue we are getting unassigned requests continuously so we need to assign them every after 30 minutes using Bot but Bot didn’t remember last entered initial as shown below

So when we rerun Bot for the unassigned queue it should start from as shown below (Green)from resource sheet

is it possible?

Hi Peter any update?

did face a heavy workload on my regular job. So was blocked on practical prototyping. But from the conceptual viewpoint we can start.

Let me summarize my understanding:

  • Bot is assigning the codes as implemented
  • Bot did last assigned (OMOR) VSA
  • Bot has done
  • Bot will start again
  • Bot should pick up based on last run the next Code: AVA (OMOR case)

you called it nice Round-Robin we had implemented with the modulo triggered on the count (cntDefault)

Lets take following case:
arrOMOR: { “ASB”, “MJN”, “YUV”, “VSA”, “AVA” }, length = 5
cntOMOR: 7 - Code: YUV (we are 0 based indexed)
Mod result is: 7 Mod 5 = 2

On a new run we have cntOMOR = 0
When we calculate the Offset by remembering last run: 0 + (7 Mod 5) + 1 = 3
then we get: VSA

so we just have to store / persist the two last counts (DEF/CRF) and will have to reuse it on begin for init the counters.

Depending on your architecture (Orchestrator usage, No of Bots) you can check following options:

  • using an asset
  • using data service
  • local file write

storing two counters on as Asset of text type can be done with a JSON string like
{“DEF”: 7,“CFRF”:3}
this string can afterwards easy Deserialized within a Dictionary(Of String, Int32) and you need only 1 Asset for memorization the counts

Thanks, Peter, can you please show by example how to implement this

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