Determine the last filled column

Hello friends! I need your help, the fact is that the robot needs to go through all the columns, starting with “1” and determine the last column with data, and not those that are empty (data
data columns may change too).
I thought to go through a For Each loop through the ReadRow activity and filter each column for the presence of data,
but I cannot determine the last one filled.
For example, here I need to define a column “5” with its data


Can you help with this, please? Sorry for my english

Hi @asiljan.7

I had used a sample excel file like this

For to find the last filled column starting with 1

Main.xaml (16.1 KB)
I had developed this workflow

Check this

Nived N

Hi thanks for the answer, but I am getting the error here

Assign: An object reference does not point to an instance of an object.


Did u tried same as I did in my workflow?

Yes, did the same

But @asiljan.7
It is working fine for my case