How to Read AD for user information

I used Get Object Properties activity from Active DirectoryDomain Services package for getting user properties using his/her email id. But I am not sure how to parameterize everything in Active Directory scope and get object properties activity properties panel. If anyone did this before ,kindly let me now


Hi @Stalin_R I believe this is the new package from UiPath and didn’t get a chance to use it.
But looks like the output of “Get Object Properties” is a dictionary. I think you can’t use for each to iterate and print the values in a dictionary like an array. Please try to print out all the Keys of AllProperties and use it accordingly.
And also is your Active Directory on-premise or cloud?

Can any post the solution on how to retrieve user id with EmailAdress prorperty?

Hi @Stalin_R Did you get a solution for this.I am looking for a solution on the same