How to fetch datatable from terminal or mainframe?

I want to fetch a set of data (more like a table) from a terminal/mainframe application so can anyone help me on how to do that?

What have you tried so far?

Did you check the Get Screen Area activity which scrapes the screen between two Row/Column positions. You can manipulate the string output to convert into a DataTable (forum should have solutions on this).

Or if you want to paste in Excel, you could try something like this and copy to clipboard and paste in excel.Can’t guarantee the desired output and not a recommended solution but a short way.

output.Replace(" ",COnvert.ToChar(9)) – Set to Clipboard

Thanks for the suggestion, I tried that but the problem is it would work for a fixed size datatable, it won’t work for a variable size table
My requirement is to fetch data from table dynamically of unfixed size. There is no way to know the row/column range since it changes dynamically for every record
Can you help me with that?
Thanks in advance

Hi @deepesh.maskara19
Create a build data table and use get text activity


yeah I got my result thanks for the support

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Hi Deepesh,
how did you got the datatable. I have a slight different requirement. I have a text file which I got using get text activity on mainframe terminals. I need to fetch the last line and check for status “MM” column. any ideas please how to do that.

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