How to get data from this screen

this is single screen,

Screen Scrapping method from design tab in studio
will give us a string output of structured data
–then use GENERATE DATATABLE ACTIVITY where pass this string as input and get the output with a variable of type datatable named dt

Cheers @ashishmani

already done… all the data copy to clip board

the problem is that i want red box data in regex…where date in coming to date from…

Hi @ashishmani

Is the UiPath.terminal.Activities installed

use connect terminal and use get screen area or use get wait text
use ctrl+a ctrl+c ctrl+v
Ashwin S

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no copying to clipboard is different from screen scrapping
you mean like screen scrapping method didnt work here
Cheers @ashishmani

yes… data is unstructured


It’s look like Main Frame Application … then you can use Terminal Activities

  1. Install Uipath.terminal.Activites
  2. Use Get Screen in that pass row and col columns
    3.Then u will get Structured data

Amaresan . P

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can this solve using regex

Yes you can solve with regex. Please share the scrapped data.

thier is no get screen option (712 Bytes)

i want data in data table form


get Screen Area

Hi @ ashishmani

use terminal activities.

can u explain plzz how to use it…i posted my scrapped data also

The diference in this activities for the others is that they are ready to work in teminal window and like all other to recive data/Text/fields use all get to send information to some fildes use all send, try it will work i have a project with terminal window and this will be the best option


what is feild in end row here

date is variable…can be vhange when i use multiple pages

Try like this
Row from 0 to 11 = 12
or no headers Row 1 to 11 = 11

Column from 0 to 9 = 10