How to fetch Columns and sub columns from excel and write into word

Hi, I want to Fetch the columns and sub columns from excel to word.
Say suppose I have Gender(Main Column) and “Male Female and Other” are the sub columns.

Hi @Rohit_Patil1

Would you like to preserve the table format or only the text from excel you need?

This workflow saves only text from excel

Hi @Rohit_Patil1

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Check out this thread


Hi sangeetha, Thanks for response. I want the data to word in below format.
Gender is the column and Male, Female, Other are subcolumns

Hi, Thanks for response. I want output in below format.

Please check with this
Workflow.xaml (10.2 KB)

Hi Sangeetha, Thanks for the Response. When I open the xaml file, it is showing invalid data or file.

In which project combination the XAML file is opening?

Currently it is opening from downloads. Is there any setting to do before opening the file? Please refer below screenshot for more details.

@Rohit_Patil1 My document is in vb, windows but for you, it is opening in windows legacy project. (12.8 KB)

Okay. Thanks Sangeetha!