How to extract the pdf data from Citrix?

How to extract Pdf using OCR from virtual system using Citrix environment?
Kindly guide me…

Thank You

Hi @Kalees9486,

Try with AI Computer vision activities, it is designed for Image based automation.

Refer the below how on how to use computer vision activities.

Thanks for u r response @anil5.
but i want to extract the pdf files from citrix environment,and also write it in one excel file .it is also stored in citrix environment only.
Thank you.


In Citrix from where you are extracting the PDF files and if you are doing manually how you perform this process

I have Uipath in local machine and i have some PDF files in Citrix .The thing is i want to extract the Pdf files within the Citrix before that i have created template by using abbyy FC in local machine based on the template bot will extract the data and write it into separate excel file in Citrix.

Thank you.


To be clear, you want to get pdf files from citrix to local machine and feed the pdf files to abby FC in your local and the extracted data you want to write in into separate file in citrix.

I don’t want to move the files from Citrix to local .I want to extract the files within the Citrix only.