Hi everyone, I am facing a challenge to extract data , which I am attaching you , The screen shot I am attaching Is the citrix application screen , and I Have to extract dta from that application please provide me solution , here


You can use CV Extract Table activity to extract structural data


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As flagged above, you could leverage Computer Vision from UiPath - Making use of the ‘CV Extract Structured Data’ activity:
Computer Vision :eye: (uipath.com)

Alternatively, you can speak to the application-owner/providers and request the installation of the UiPath Remote Runtime (for Citrix):
About UiPath Remote Runtime

This will allow UiPath to interact with the application (serviced over CItrix) in a pseudo-native manner - As such, you could use the regular ‘Extract Structured Data’ activity.

As a final option, if the Citrix application allows you to CTRL + A, CTRL + C, you may be able to copy the tabular data to the clipboard (assuming it is accessible) and parse the results.

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