How to extract the information from pan card and save it in a excel column

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I need to extract the information from pan card which is in pdf format and store it in a excel with seperate columns like name, fathers name and pan number in different columns . Can anyone help me on this

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–we can either use READ PDF or READ PDF OCR activities and get the output with a variable of type string and use String manipulation like regex method or split method

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@Palaniyappan . Thanks for sharing split method is not working exactly , can you please share the main file for regex method

can i have a view on the string output you get from pan card
like next to the READ PDF or READ PDF OCR activity use writeline activity and mention the string variable obtained from above variable. so that we could be able to see the output in the output panel.
Kindly share that screenshot

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(fathers name)
Permanent Account Number
(Pan number)
Signature GOVT. OF INDIA

This is how am getting. now i need to create a excel sheet with seprate columns of these

I am try to read the data from pancard which is in pdf format using read pdf with ocr but the data is not comming in the right format, data is comming in the following format

So what i do to get the data in correct way.
Please any one help me on this.
Thank you…