How to extract the data from XML

Hi Team,

in the attached XML screenshot, how do i capture the url form the xml ? i need to capture some other attributes as well.

please ehlp

Hi @kgbheem,

You can use xml activities



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could you please share me sample.xaml file on how to fetch the data from above xml?
i got one video in you tube but that was very simple xml and he was able to fetch it easy but my xml is have many subnodes, which im not able to fetch the data from it.

Did you tried to use Deserialize XML and then .Element method on output of deserialized xml to get particular data.

You can check below thread for same.

Please refer the link to parse XML file.


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You can also reference this post :slight_smile:

thank you all. i’ve tried XML Xpath online sites and able to grab whatever i needed.

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