Get Data From a XML - Issue

Hi guys,
I’m facing some issue to extract data from XML. I tried to find solution with this link but I’m still stuck when I want to extract data from a complexer XML :cry:

1- Read text
2- Deserialize XML

As a attachment the xml i tried to parse.

OutputXML.xml (40.3 KB)

Ty for your help!


use Xpath

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xpath with namespace.xaml (9.3 KB)

refer to this

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the xpath has already been placed. just need to change the filepath


why would the filepath be correct since we have different systems

Like you can see in my precedly screenshot, I changed the path

Can you do a debug and see results from write line in output panel

i checked, and it just skipped the for “each invoke node” step… (I put “yes” to check it )

can’t help you much from here as you can see from my screenshot, the workflow which i gave you extracts what you need. Not sure where did you went wrong

Np ty for your help :+1:

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