How to extract the data from

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Let me know how to extract the data from i have tried option like Get text, screen scraping and Read PDF text also, Nothing workout.Kindly provide solution for the same.

Hi @shalini23
You can use Read PDF Text

You just need to add the UiPath.PDF.Activities package.
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i have installed packages and used Read PDF text activity. I want to extract particular data from PDF. Apart from sub string method is there any other way to extract data from PDF?

Yes. You can.
You can use ABBYY FlexiCapture
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plz try with cv activities

Let me know how i have to use that flexicapture inside my xaml file

Hi Shyamm,

I have tried screen scraping also…But it is not working…Thanks

There is a Connector that can be downloaded in UiPath Go!

You can give this a try.

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PFA image for your reference. In screen scraping, it is not extracting particular data.

try with computer vision activities

hey i’m Getting Output

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Thats Great. Let me know what you did? can you share that file? i want to see.Is there any package i have to install for getting CV activities?Currently it is not coming in my activities panel.

i’m just used screen scrapping only.
better to try with cv activities. plz go thrw above link you will find full details

Hi Shyamm,

I have tried the same.But i am not getting the result. PFA image for your reference. do i have to change anything in selectors?

I tried with chrome not adobe.
How many pdf files you want to read, can i know that?

Hi Shyamm,

In ACME URL ,I have to download the type - W12 - open status PDF file and have to extract the value also.


I had similar problem with downloaded PDF files while going through dev training. If you have a problem with scraping partial text in PDF, there’s a note in the introduction to lesson 10 on how could you solve this issue.

It didn’t worked for me tho. As I remember I used OCR scraping and string formatting to get the data. You could also use Computer Vision activities, which shyamm told you earlier about. This technology looks pretty neat, but I did not have use it in the development yet.

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Better to go with read pdf activity and get substring values (26.7 KB)

I’m Attaching small work flow which is done by using cv activities

i am not able to download the same. Let me know any package i have to install for getting CV activities in UIPath