How to extract table in PDF file


I have extracted table in pdf file. The problem is that it cant extract the second page table, only extracted 1st page table. I have shared images.

Image 1:

Image 2:


Hi @minal.patil

Try repeating the steps you have done on the first page on the second page aswell… Then combine them in your code later


But in my pdf file there are multiple pages.

Hi @minal.patil

Then split the pdf into multiple pages and use a loop to loop through each page and get the data


Can you send xaml file(exmaple)

How can i split

HI @minal.patil

It looks like this



some error is occur

Hi @minal.patil

Please add (vpdfpagecount+1).ToString


what is “Main DT”? I can’t understand.

I already added.

How to get and how to store ?

Hi @minal.patil

You have to create two datatables…one which you will use while extracting the data and another datatable which you will use to merge all the datat you retreived from each page into one datatable using merge datatable action

So main dt is where ypur final all pages data will be present and the other dt will be the datatable where you will extract each page in loop


error occur

Hi @minal.patil

Those should be datatable variables…create two datatable variables dtmain and dtsub

And one thing the datamain shpuld be in destination field and dtsub in source field. Basically it merges data from source table to the destination table


Can you send steps plz?



Here’s how you can extract tables from a PDF file using Excel:
Open your Excel spreadsheet.
Go to the Data tab.
In the Get & Transform section, click on Get Data.
From the list, select From File and then select From PDF.
Select the PDF file you want to extract tables from.
Click Open.

Hope This Works,

There no PDF option available.