How to extract tables when multiple pages in pdf file

Hi All,

I have PDF file which is having 50 pages of details in that i want to extract only all table details How should i extract. Im able to extract page1 but it is not taking table data from other pages. Any suggestions please. Thanks in advance.


Hi @Niranjan_k ,
What’s page have table
or table long in many pages
we can extract all page then use regex to get it
or in extract pdf has option by page, if you know page have table, we can use it
could you please share file?

hi @Niranjan_k

Use Regex or string manipulation to extract table data from the text

Hii @Niranjan_k

-Read PDF Text (Output: pdfText)
-Assign - Split pdfText into an array of pages based on a unique pattern or keyword
-For Each page in pdfPages
-Extract Table Data from page using regular expressions or string manipulation
-Store the extracted table data in a DataTable or another suitable data structure

@Dilli_Reddy can you help me with sample workflow it’s would help me to understand the logic. Or any reference video would be helpful. Thank you

@sanjay3 i have used regex to extract table from notepad it’s not working.

Can you share me the notepad file

@Nguyen_Van_Luong1 could please help me with any sample workflow, not able implimwnt the logic

Hi @Niranjan_k ,
I think have file can be easier,
if it private you can send to me in message


@sanjay3 Sanjay we do not have access to upload or share internal data.