How to extract specific data from the mail body

how can i extract specific data from the body of the mail and save into excel .

Hi @Mihir_patel
it would be good if u can provide the sample text

for extract the specific data from email body use regex

it would be better

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roundcube_4.html (44.3 KB)
i want extract use area, user city, user state, user requirement search date and time from the body.

@Mihir_patel You can also use data scrapping to extract the use area, user city, user state, user requirement, etc.

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Try this (9.8 KB)

can u plzzz send me full flow for above data.

can u plz gave me solution for that problem.

Its just a sample workflow for extracting specofic data form email body.
You just need to change logic according to your data.

Share your email body sample.

roundcube_2.html (46.5 KB)

this is in my body section


Are you using Outlook or IMAP activites for reading the emails?

OR you need to get the text from GUI ?


i am using POP3 activities and i want extract from the image in the body section of the mail.


Check as below

from the above, You will get the body as item.Body

You can check that and apply Regex expression to extract your required string

Hope this may help you


how can i extract specific data from the body of the mail and in my body of the mail there is image then how can i ?

FW Enquiry for Atlas Technosoft Pvt Ltd (Cbd Belapur, Navi Mumbai).zip (7.9 KB)
This is the sample of my body in the mail.

if you extract the date from the body you just fallow what @NIVED_NAMBIAR said if the body contain specific data we can extract the data using regex if you need to extract the data from the image use OCR engines like taxonomy invoice extractor

i Hope you understand

Chethan P

thanks for solution its work for only single mail but i want extract data from last 25 mails body of the mail message and save into excel. plz give us solution as early as possible.

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extract from mail give 25 unread mail
build the table (BuildDT_OP)
read that datasheet where you want to store
use for each
use add data row inside that you have to give BuildDT_OP, inside array row give data what you need {row(“name”),row(“Email Id”)} like this example
Use Write Range don’t forgot to give header

I hope You satisfied from this solution

Chethan p