How to extract only vendor tax id in assignment2.I am getting tax id as (de123456 name) .Can anyone guide me?

Hi all how to extract only taxid without name ?Can anyone help me ?In download monthly reports page,vendor tax id is typing as de123456 name.How should i get only tax id as de123456 when entering.Please help me if anyone knows.


what method your using…?

use Get text- the result string you can split and get the required value

I have used assign activity and used split and trim expressions.But not getting correct result.

u have mentioned your getting output like this " de123456 name".

in that case replalce the name with “”, use value.replace(variable1,“name”,"")

I solved it this way.
Use GetText Activity then get extracted string,
Use Generate DataTable Activity with seperator “:” input string is your extracted string
Assing Your DataTable.Rows(0)into temp string variable,
then you can split your temp string to get your taxID

Hope this will help you.

ya.thanks.let me try.

thanks.let me try it

usevalue means?

can u tell split expression

split with : and arr(1) will be your taxid :+1:


if you split with " : ", you will get id with name right…?

TaxID: RO345879
Name: Megatronic Incorporated
Address: Strada Sperantei la parter
City: Bucuresti, Romania!



syntax mistake from my side: just use —> variable.replace(“Name”,"")


<webctrl css-selector='body&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div' idx='1' tag='DIV' />

This is my selector for extracting the ID!
Try using this and tell me if this works! I’ve used screen scraping! :slight_smile:(i.e. getvisibletext)

Niket Ghai

got id from this expression but how to bind this in create yearly report invoke file.ID is not entering in field.


i have just started with Assignment2 yet come to the flow your talking about so i dont know how to enter this step.



you can use citrix recording to get the taxid only from the page.That works for me

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This worked for me as well. Thanks!

im getting this in lev3 assignment 2 performer.
plz help me with this